Summer School Registration

At Plainview, we believe that creating a caring and nurturing learning environment is our first and foremost responsibility.  Building caring relationships that support teaching and learning among staff, parents and students is the foundation for developing this environment.  Providing continuous opportunities for students to feel a sense of belonging, competence and autonomy will allow each child to reach optimal levels of academic success and social development.

Staff, parents, and students are committed to creating a school environment where all children feel accepted and respected as individuals while eagerly engaged in cooperative learning with classmates.  We accept that children will not learn because we want them to learn, but because they want to learn.  We believe it is our responsibility to model lifelong learning among the adult community.  Therefore, we continually strive to develop strategies and implement change to better meet out students' needs.  We know that we must continue to grow and learn as children grow and learn.

As a school community we will strive to:
Be fair and consistent in all we do.
Include many voices in decision making and planning.
Provide each individual with the assistance needed to learn.
Use varied modes of instruction to keep learning interesting.                   
Use character development, art, physical education and music as regular classroom ingredients.
Make concept development and language literacy our prime objectives.
Affirm, engage, and challenge our students each and every day.